“Using Medium features like responses, private notes, mentions, follows, story requests, or writer requests in a way intended to annoy or harass someone” is considered harassment.

Medium is supposed to foster a community that engages in the discussion of ideas. Yet, for whatever reason, you are not willing to engage with the substance of my comprehensive report.

“The logical holes in your arguments gape so widely that I see no need to point them out,” you wrote.

Then you recommend that I go spend time on conservative websites without even bothering to specifically assess my arguments and whether they are, in fact, right-wing in nature.

Do you even know the core argument I made in my report?

Instead of blocking you or reporting you, I find it more valuable to use you as an example.

Your reaction is an example of how many Clinton Democrats have poisoned the discourse, making it difficult to have a free exchange of ideas on critical topics. They have set an example that encourages supporters who follow them to be tribal and essentially close-minded.

I do believe I wrote this lengthy report for people like you. I am sorry you and others like you struggle with reality, but for the sake of our world, we need you to be more politically mature.

Journalist. Writes about politics. Managing editor of Twitter: @kgosztola

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