“Closing the Voting Booths Now Just Might Justify Closing The Voting Booths In November”

This has been a common reaction among Democrats, and it is a misplaced fear.

Canceling or postponing in-person voting does not embolden President Trump and whatever inclination he may have to cancel the general election.

No one is recommending that voting be halted entirely. In every proposal, including in Ohio, the alternative is emergency absentee balloting or expanding mail-in voting. (Now that Arizona, Florida, and Illinois voted, this is what the DNC backs so primaries continue.)

The issue at hand, which I urge you to contemplate more seriously, is that Democrats told people it was “safe” to go vote in-person at polling places, where in cities like Chicago they waited for 2–3 hours. Some were in packed into rooms with poor ventilation.

Fear of Trump is not enough to deflect responsibility. There was an off-ramp to avoid messes in Florida and Illinois. Democratic leaders did not take it.

Journalist. Writes about politics. Managing editor of Shadowproof.com. Twitter: @kgosztola

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