No matter how much hard work you do to create the conclusion you are looking for until the report is released we do not have the details we need to make a clear decision.

I’m not sure what “conclusion” you think I tried to create. It’s a well-sourced essay with an argument that hinges upon a statement attributed to Special Counsel Robert Mueller — that the investigation was unable to establish that the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government.

It is true we do not have the Mueller report. It should be released. But the issues surrounding what we don’t know do not revolve around this point.

Unnamed sources supposedly associated, tied, or with knowledge of the Mueller team’s work have spoken with reporters in the past couple days. There is apparently disagreement over how Attorney General Bill Barr characterized the issue of whether Trump committed obstruction of justice. They also wish Barr had taken some of their summaries in the report and used those for any statement to the public.

But from NBC News:

According to a senior law enforcement official who has spoken to members of Mueller’s team, Mueller team members say it includes detailed accounts of Trump campaign contacts with Russia. While Mueller found no coordination or criminal conspiracy, the official said, some on the special counsel’s team say his findings paint a picture of a campaign whose members were manipulated by a sophisticated Russian intelligence operation.

“Manipulated by a sophisticated Russian intelligence operation” is simply not what was alleged from the outset. Most of the U.S. media talked about Trump and Russia as if Trump was an agent of President Vladimir Putin. They even went so far to suggest Putin had dirt on Trump so he had to do his bidding.

So, the conclusion I draw is that the Russiagate conspiracy theory has fallen apart because the chief investigator who was supposed to validate this theory could not.

At most, we have a strong suggestion that Mueller confirmed Trump campaign officials were inept and stupid. That’s been rather clear for some time now.

Journalist. Writes about politics. Managing editor of Twitter: @kgosztola

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