Nope, we’re no where near a post-Mueller world. and the investigation was about MUCH more than the conspiracy that might have occurred between Russia, its agents, and Trump.

I’ve been watching CNN daily for the past two years. What was it about if not a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia?

Had Trump done the right thing, had he condemned the Russian election interference and directed all relevant agencies to investigate and punish this interference, there would never have been much suspicion of the existence of a conspiracy.

I don’t disagree, but that doesn’t prove a conspiracy.

Putin is happy that Trump pulled out of the INF treaty, serves his agenda well, just another boon Trump has granted him, for some reason.

How does it serve his agenda? Putin wants the world to be brought closer to the brink of nuclear war. He wants the U.S. to point more missiles at Russia, and he would like to point more missiles toward the U.S.

I’m having trouble seeing how this Strangelovian development is all part of the grand conspiracy you seem to have been able to suss out.

Journalist. Writes about politics. Managing editor of Twitter: @kgosztola

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