“Maybe Bernie is a Russian asset and therefore does not care if Trump is a Russian asset as well.”

Hello, Metteyya

You respond, “Without seeing the Mueller report, this author is merely promoting Republican propaganda.”

Would you mind elaborating? What specifically in my essay is Republican propaganda? Or do you really mean that you view it as Republican propaganda because it heavily criticizes the actions of the Democratic Party establishment over the past two to three years? Certainly, labeling the content “Republican propaganda” gives you permission to not engage with the substance of any of my arguments.

Lets go to the most fabulous part of your response — the part where you suggest Bernie may be a Russian asset.

But since this article is coming from a Bernie booster, maybe Bernie is a Russian asset and therefore does not care if Trump is a Russian asset as well. Collusion or not, we all saw Trump cower before Putin in Helsinki, and if that does not disturb the Bernie folks, then this is a troubling development in the Democratic Party.

Leaving aside the issue of how you label me a Bernie booster to discredit my arguments — again, without engaging with any of the substance of my arguments, you rationalize that what I wrote may be to help not only Trump continue his work as a Russian asset but also Bernie’s work as a Russian asset as well.

You present no evidence for this conjecture that Bernie may be an asset. You at least make a shallow attempt to convincingly label Trump an asset by stating he cowered “before Putin in Helsinki.”

Russia and the United States have the majority of the world’s nuclear weapons. All countries have an interest in seeing the two powers reduce rather than escalate tensions. Nonetheless, people like you cheer hawkish leaders who agitate and cajole Trump to take more aggressive action against Russia.

At what cost? That does not seem to be of concern, even though I remind you Clinton argued during her campaign that Trump could not be trusted to make “life-or-death decisions” because he is “thin-skinned” and quick to get angry when facing even the “smallest criticism.” She invited voters to imagine what apocalyptic event might transpire if he had his “finger anywhere near the button,” a clear reference to nuclear weapons.

So do we want Trump, the Coward, or Trump, the Hawk?

Maybe Bernie is a Russian asset

Yeah, you wrote that. That’s a thing you typed. I still can’t believe it. Because it should discredit everything that comes after, which you seem to express with great sincerity.

Let’s READ the Mueller report first before jumping to conclusions

Which conclusions?

The main conclusion I drew was based upon the significant one that Special Counsel Robert Mueller made, which was quoted by Attorney General Bill Barr in his summary.

Mueller could not “establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

Does that leave open the possibility that Trump is still some kind of a Russian asset? I suppose if your mind remains addled by Cold War espionage fantasies it might.

You could argue Trump is an asset, and Barr did not disclose evidence that Trump is working for Russia because Barr intends to hide this information from the public. But then you would have to believe that Mueller did not appropriately consider this evidence Barr is possibly hiding and accuse Trump of conspiracy or coordination.

That would mean — oh no, say it isn’t so — that Mueller, who was supposed to be the hero, is now compromised as well.

Maybe Mueller has been turned into a Russian asset.

How deep is this conspiracy? The world may never know.

Journalist. Writes about politics. Managing editor of Shadowproof.com. Twitter: @kgosztola

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