Where do I imply that David Brock is supporting Beto O’Rourke? It does not matter who Brock is supporting in the primary. What does is what I directly quoted from Brock.

I actually like Bernie and Warren, but they are not able to win in Western PA, which means they can’t win PA. That translates into another close loss for the Democrats, so it really does not matter if Bernie and Warren line up better on progressive values than other candidates.

Why can’t either win in western Pennsylvania?

Activists that you seem terribly concerned about have managed to win in red districts. In 2017, Christine Pellegrino, a former Bernie delegate, flipped a New York state assembly district where Trump won 60 percent of the vote. Natalie Vowell, who was also a Bernie delegate, won a school board seat in St. Louis. Chokwe Lumumba was elected mayor of Jackson, Mississippi.

The other problem with Bernie and Warren is if they actually were able to squeak out a win, their combative and alienating style is unsuitable for actually moving a progressive agenda through a divided Congress. If there are not enough votes for Medicare For All, what do you do?

What Bernie does if he is president is he goes out and tries to build a consensus in Congress for passing Medicare For All. He doesn’t back away from the policy because it lacks enough votes to become law.

Martin Luther King Jr. wrote: “The fluidity and instability of American public opinion on questions of social change is very marked. There would have been no civil rights progress, nor a nuclear test-ban treaty, without resolute Presidential leadership.”

“The issues which must be decided are momentous. The contest is not tranquil and relaxed. The search for a consensus will tend to become a quest for the least common denominator of change. In an atmosphere devoid of urgency the American people can easily be stupefied into accepting slow reform, which in practice would be inadequate reform,” King added.

Were Bernie to win, his job would be to connect with grassroots movements — as his campaign is doing currently — and advance an inside-outside strategy that moved senators and representatives to support single-payer healthcare legislation or face the reality that they lose their re-election.

Bernie can’t answer this question because his entire 25-year career has been about “accept my way or screw you”.

What’s your example for this?

Bernie Sanders came together with several establishment Democrats and a few Republicans to pass a war powers resolution against the war in Yemen. It can be done. He can persistently push for a piece of legislation until politicians are finally moved to change their position, as was the case with the war powers resolution.

They think being president is like being king, in which you can just steamroll over opposition to get your way. That is naive and supports gridlock, not moving the progressive agenda forward.

Currently, the strategy among Democrats is not to pursue much a progressive agenda at all because nothing will pass in Congress with the Republicans in control of the Senate. That does not move anyone in the population to support important agenda items, and it is a missed opportunity to promote an alternative vision to the destructive politics of Donald Trump.

Journalist. Writes about politics. Managing editor of Twitter: @kgosztola

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