Open Letter To Extend Mail-in Voting and Reschedule March Primaries Amid Pandemic

Photo from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Over 2500 people, including medical professionals, have signed. Public health professionals, scientists, advocates, elected representatives, and others are encouraged to add their name to this letter here.

Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton orders polls closed as a health emergency. In-person voting is postponed. Mail-in voting likely to be extended.

UPDATE — 7:50 PM ET Democratic Judge Richard Frye denies the Ohio state government’s request for a temporary injunction to reschedule in-person voting.

UPDATE — 3:50 PM ET Ohio went to court to postpone in-person voting portion of their primary to June 2. They filed a lawsuit on behalf of voters, who will be disenfranchised.


Original Letter

*To DNC Chair Tom Perez and Members of the Democratic National Committee, the Secretaries of State of Arizona, Florida, and Ohio, and the chair of the Illinois State Board of Elections:

The next round of Democratic presidential primaries are scheduled for March 17 in Arizona, Florida, and Illinois, amid a deadly pandemic. This is a dangerous state of affairs.

All four states have declared states of emergency or have patients in quarantine in response to the COVID-19 novel coronavirus outbreak.

On March 14, Georgia moved their primary from March 24 to May 19. Louisiana rescheduled their primary on April 4 for June 20.

Hundreds are sick and multiple people have died. It has resulted in numerous cancellations and postponements, including presidential campaign events in Cleveland and Tampa.

In the swing state of Ohio, the state’s Health Department Director Amy Acton said there is evidence one percent of Ohioans may be carrying the coronavirus. That means 117,000 may have have COVID-19.

A day before the scheduled March 17 primary, Ohio recognized the risks and postponed in-person voting to June 2.

State officials in Arizona, Florida, and Illinois, with the support of the Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders presidential campaigns, should reschedule the primaries for May, when states such as Indiana, Oregon, and Kentucky have their primaries.

Until May, mail-in voting should be implemented throughout under the guidance of health and election authorities.

We have seen long lines of voters in states like Texas and Michigan. The amount of time standing in line with hundreds or even thousands of other voters substantially increases the likelihood that someone will get sick.

By postponing primaries, state governments will be able to keep resources focused, and they will not need to worry about the distraction of running primaries while responding to this pandemic.

This will also give time for the states to implement alternative voting mechanisms, such as vote-by-mail, at a sufficient scale if the pandemic continues to be an emergency for these states.

Furthermore, polling place workers, who are generally retired volunteers over 65 years-old, should not need to be exposed to the risk of contracting the coronavirus while managing precinct locations.

We should note that we do not believe that a public health crisis or a state of emergency should ever be used as an excuse to cancel elections. The Democratic primary season concludes in early June; the party has full flexibility to schedule state-level races at any point before then.

In addition to our primary concern about public health, we believe this would be beneficial to the democratic process.

As people are understandably avoiding public places and crowds, we expect turnout to be depressed. Rescheduling the primaries would ensure that more people are allowed to exercise their right to vote without fear.

It would also be particularly good for down ballot races in the Democratic Party primary. Candidates in city, county, and state races will likely benefit from higher turnout.

Cancellations and closings help doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals have a chance at saving lives.

For the health of our fellow citizens and our democracy, please act now to postpone the upcoming March primaries until May.

Medical and public health professionals, scientists, advocates, elected representatives, and others are encouraged to sign on to this letter here.


  1. Avra Ackerman, MD
  2. Emily Ackerman
  3. Jeffrey S Albanese, Social Worker
  4. Taylor Almond, Nursing student, University of Utah
  5. Alissa Baker, MD
  6. Patrick Barker, Clinical Data Analyst
  7. Brian Barker
  8. Dave K. Barman
  9. Dylan Bartholomew
  10. Alina Bayer, MD
  11. Rupert Barshop, Master of Public Health
  12. Dr. Nicholas Becker
  13. Shyra Been, RN
  14. Tammy Benavidez
  15. Dena Bermann
  16. Eric Blackstone, Cancer Research Project Manager
  17. Luke Bowers
  18. Erika Bracamonte, MD/University of Arizona
  19. Michelle Brenseke, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
  20. Clementine Brown
  21. Phillip Brown, X-ray Technologist
  22. Richard A. Bruno, MD
  23. Hillary Buck
  24. Matthew Cavagnetto, Registered Nurse
  25. Nick Celano, MD
  26. Chad Chavez
  27. Li-Lin Cheng, Retired Scientist, UW-Madison
  28. Sean Clark, MD
  29. Sandra K Cohen, MD, Asst Clinical Prof, Cornell University Medical College
  30. David Cohen, EMT
  31. Fiona Cook, CNA
  32. Bridget Cosgrove
  33. Kristin Cranston, CNA2
  34. April Crofut, MD
  35. Annette D’Armata, NMD
  36. Brooks Danahy, Mr
  37. Collin S Davis, Patient Care Technician, St. Peter’s Health Partners
  38. Brendan Deery, FDNY EMT
  39. Jacob Van Dehy
  40. Salihah Dick, MD, PhD
  41. Caryn Downing, Hospital Supply
  42. Zachary Doyle
  43. Ryan Duff, 3rd Year Medical Student
  44. Morgan Esler, PhD student
  45. Dana Fairbanks, M.D.
  46. Rozanna Fang, M.D.
  47. Anthony Jose Flores, R.N.
  48. Cynthia Flores, R.N.
  49. Jessica Flynn, MD/Lahey Hospital Burlington, MA
  50. Carmen Fortuno, MD
  51. Elizabeth Gay, Retired Senior Director of Prevention
  52. Claudette A Gaynor, LMHC, LMHC
  53. Dan George Jr.
  54. Jeanie Glass, LMT
  55. Scott Goldberg, MD
  56. Lynnette Gonzales, Registered Nurse
  57. Maureen Gray
  58. Sara Green
  59. Pamella Gronemeyer, M.D., SEMC Pathology
  60. Kimberly Gutierrez, Registered Nurse
  61. Cody Hamm, EMT
  62. Jennifer Hammer
  63. Jack Harmelin, MSW
  64. Jessica Hatem, Medical Billing Specialist
  65. Benjamin Hawes, LAc
  66. Mitszell Hill
  67. Tonilynn Hill, RN
  68. Maddie Himes, RN
  69. William Hogg, M.D., Physician
  70. Winona Holl
  71. Ryan Howard, Doctor
  72. Chris Hoops, ICU Nurse, Paramedic
  73. Alyssa Huffman
  74. John Hylton, Student associate, Kaplan Hecker & Fink
  75. Jillian Irwin, MD
  76. Amy Jacobson, RN
  77. Karin Johnson, MD, Associate Professor/Baystate
  78. Douglas Johnson, MD
  79. Anne Joseph, MA, AMFT
  80. Sarah Judd, MPH
  81. Harrison Kalodimos, MD
  82. Laura Katz, Ph.D., NCSP, School Psychologist
  83. Jessica Kaylor, PA-C
  84. Sabiha Kazi, MD
  85. Dylan Kearney
  86. Saoirse Kelly, CMDHB
  87. Casimir Klim, 4th year medical student, University of Michigan Medical School
  88. John Kolios
  89. Lori Kryspin, Former Supervisor, AIDS Clinical Trial Laboratory, Ohio State University
  90. Jerry Ku, MD
  91. Vedika Kumar
  92. Melissa Lake, PA-C
  93. Jack Langfird, COTA
  94. Lauren Laroux, Medical Interpreter Dispatch
  95. Sean Levy, MD / Pulmonary and Critical Care Physician
  96. Alex Levy
  97. Daniel Thomas Leyden
  98. Remy Liggio, DAOM
  99. Winnie Lin, M.D.
  100. Joshua Lovell
  101. Jake Marika, DO
  102. Allison May
  103. Sandy Mayes, RN
  104. Mark McAllister, MD
  105. Riley McAllister, Dr.
  106. Matthew McGowen, Patient Care Coordinator
  107. Dr. Chelsea McGuire, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine / Boston University School of Medicine
  108. Jacqueline Meadow, MD
  109. Tracey Mee, Registered Nurse
  110. Jen Mele, LCSW Therapist, NJ Licensed Clinician
  111. Steven Michener
  112. Allan Mills, Doctor
  113. David Minehan, MD
  114. Eric Much, Caregiver
  115. Jan Mullen
  116. Brianna Muller, MD, MPH, University of New Mexico
  117. Yasamin Najat
  118. Scott Nass, MD, MPA, FAAFP, AAHIVS
  119. Jacob Nettleton, Physician
  120. Staci O’Neal-Robinson, LCSW
  121. Jacob Nettleton
  122. Angela Oravec, COTA/L
  123. Marco Orrel
  124. Megan Orrel
  125. Sandra Owens, PhD
  126. Joshua Park, Acupuncture Physician
  127. Stephanie Pasqualino, Registered Nurse
  128. Kristopher W Perez
  129. Thao Pham, RN
  130. Judith Pierre
  131. Kori Pinnell, Student
  132. Christopher J. Pursley
  133. Mark A. Redling, Social Worker
  134. Heather Regan, Registered Respiratory Therapist
  135. Shelley Rosenfeld, MD
  136. Charlie Ryan, Director
  137. Haleigh Ryan, Radiologic Technologist
  138. Brad Sagal
  139. Justin Salman, 3rd year medical student, Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine
  140. Lauren Sargent, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, retired
  141. Sarah A Saunders, RN
  142. Jordan Schuelzke, RN
  143. Duncan Secor, Physical Therapist
  144. Zen Sekisawa
  145. Linda Settle, MD, Retired, 30 yrs Pediatric Emergency Medicine
  146. Jack Shakarshy, MD
  147. Bobbie Shields, Nursing Assistant
  148. Ryan Simpson
  149. Jordan Smith
  150. Isabelle Smolinski, Sr. CPhT
  151. William Jerome Smyth
  152. Susan Steigerwelt, MD
  153. Joseph Sternemann, Emergency room RN
  154. Robbie Swain, DDR
  155. Steven Switz
  156. Jonas Tavela
  157. Frank Tran
  158. Praveen Tumallapalli, Medical Student
  159. Susan VanPelt, RN
  160. Kathleen Viscum-Sauer, BS RVT RDMS
  161. Marister Wei
  162. Jami West, OTD, OTR/L, Occupational therapist
  163. Christopher Dominic Williams, MD
  164. Nathaniel Williams, EMT
  165. Rebecca Wroblewski, Provider Education Specialist
  166. Bill Wu, PharmD
  167. Arthur Yang, MD

Nicholas Fogerty
Aaron Grossman
Adam A Kimball
Adam Johnstone, College student
Adam Patten
Adam Peters
Adam Suprock
Adrienne Anderson
Aiden Duffy
Alan Shemper
Alison Martin
Amanda Nichols
Ambrose Humphrey
Ana Tinsly
Andre Burger
Andrew Paul Gordon
Andrew Uroskie / Professor, Stony Brook University
Andy Pelosi / Executive Director
Anna Podkowski
Anthony Krizel
Anthony Maselli
Anthony Smith
Ben Swanson
Benjamin D. Orjada
Benjamin Gorko
Bobby Brown, Artist
Bradley McCabe, Technical Engineer
Brandi Gaspard, Bartender
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Fred Pryce
Gregory Ferrer, IT Technician
Henry Grey Gorman, PhD
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Jace Recio
Jack Ramey
Jacob Dysart, University Administrator
Jaime Zesati
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James Attridge
Jared Fitzgibbon
Jason Feeney
Jason Penaflor
Jenn Kauffman, Chief Community Officer
Jenna Smith, Student
Jesse Christian Kohl
Jesse Grodman, Simp anthropologist
Jesse R. Solomon
John D. Raudebaugh
John White
Jonathan Larson, Professor of European Languages and Literature/CUNY Queens College
Jonathan Surette
Jordan Bumguardner, Business Owner
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Justin Barney
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Kristin Corbett, Municipal Employee
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Lina Ramirez, Analyst
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Meagan Struman
Meredith Gillies
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Michael Rivers
Michael Ryan Higgins, Worker
Michael Walsh, Adjunct Professor, Colorado School of Mines
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Mike Bristol
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Nikki Ulrich, Attorney
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Ross Coker
RT Hatfield, BS CS, CCITP, VDC
Ryan Carpenter
Ryan Chanlatte
Ryan Lolar, University of Colorado Law School
Ryan M, Computer Analyst II
Sam J Kocher
Sam Owen
Sara Fiore
Sara McSorley
Sarahana Shrestha
Sharon Heath
Stephen Cass
Stephen Miller, Assistant Professor
Tara Smith
TC Bell, Denver Democratic Rules Committee member
Tiffany Saricka
Tim Shippey
Tyler Walsh
Valerie Thornburg
Will Wiener, Democrat
William Black
William Watkins
Zachary Vigneau
Zachary Weinberg
Zachery Jacobsen
Zain Nadeem
Zane Hayden
Zeth Stone, MFPE Local 4993-President
Jessica Hatem, Medical Billing Specialist
Malissa Whipple, Voter
Zoe Juarez
Taylor Borie
Thomas May
Shrayus Sortur
Jesse Silliman
Elizabeth Ures, Educator
Nora Marcus, Tutor
Nathan McDaniel
Doug Avery
Spencer Erickson
Joseph Elmer Hubble
Taryn Westen, Independent Voter
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Diego Muñoz
Joshua Moore
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Andrew Scanlan
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Stephen M. Israel,
John Fiorilla
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Josh Rope
rJacob Havel, University of Iowa
Jamie Bellet, Department of Juvenile Justice
Johnny Utterback, Designer
Bryan Edward Traywick
Nathaniel Chartier
Brandon Wolfe-Hunnicutt, Stan State University
Lily, Student
Garrett Palmer
Keegan Braunsdorf
Yarim Machado
Matthew Miller
Justin Lee Harris, Concerned Citizen
William King
Anthony Muljat
Stephen McFall, Music Educator
David Haywood, Paraeducator
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Bryan Clark
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Phillip Bailey
Brooke Bonsack
Devon McReynolds, Public School Teacher
Eleanor Kaufma
Brett Okajima
Stephane Straub
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Hayden Greiman, Student
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Sarah Tosh, Voter
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Nadeem Persico-Shammas
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Joseph Young, Delivery Driver
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Marister Wei
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Shannon L Wolfman, PhD, University of Pennsylvania
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Loren Puette, Analyst
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Avery King, Student
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Will Carnevale, Production Accounting Clerk with Terrible Time Warner–Provided Health Insurance
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Daniel Giles Helm, Graduate Teaching Assistant/University of Oklahoma
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Samir Levitt, Student
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Dr. Sreelatha Meleth
Benjamin Cady, Democratic Party
Landen Angeline, Concerned Orlando Resident
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Tyler Boyd-Meredith, PhD student at Princeton
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Tamara Kamatovic, PhD
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Jon Drobny, GRA, University of Illinois
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Maggie McMahon
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Sara Lenzen
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J.P. Caillault, Professor, University of Georgia
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Sophie Capobianco
Justin Pennington
Chris Ritchie
Steven Coleman
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Nicholas Youngblood
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Terrence Schenold, Instructor, Cornish College
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Collin S. Davis
Chloe Gilinsky
Scott Proctor
Ethan Max Grier
Andy Willis
Michael Linder
Adam Rosenberg, Student
Judith Pierre
Theodora Chloe Hobson
Jana Yambao, U.S. Citizen
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David Diederich, Server
Dr. Jillian Irwin
Timothy Covell, Logistics Manager, Expanscience Laboratories
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Chandler Scott, Student
Harlie Rush, Teacher
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Amy M. Mclaughlin
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Isaac Shub
Jeremy Haunschild
Isaac Steinzor
Paul Jaeger, Unemployed
Gregory Pastor
Stephen Snider
Alessandro King, Professor
Maureen gray, Democrat
Justin Salman, 3rd year Medical Student, Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine
Clay Perkins, Independent Voter
Patrick Murray
Spencer Gibson
Chance Hogan
Ryan Bellows
Jeff Meyer
Patrick Albertolle
Michael Fantauzzo, GW Law student
Max Gustafson
Erin McKerracher, Technician
Elise Ryder
Kyle Jarczynski
Diego Huston
Joseph Goltsev, Voter
Johanna Breed, Retail
Dan M.
Karen Carnessali, Library
Joseph Drogos, Teacher
Jim Santos
Linda Leonard
Rick, Democrat
Cheryl Agustin, Democrat
Rasha Hamze
Jeff Voss, Graduate Student, CUNY Graduate Center
Jonathan Bahamon
Hayden Thomas
Cassandra Wright
Ashley Miller, Graduate Instructor
Rocky Holloway
John Holley, Teacher
Daniel Morgan
Jakob Anseman
Marilyn Paridaen
Hannah Grace Hetfield
Taylor Dalton
Sean Barrett
Kyle Sauer, Film Director
Austin Price
Sam Broscoe
Nina Psoncak
Justin Hutchinson
Emily Auth
Scott David Burke
Maria Lostumbo
Alyssa Ingle
Andrew White, Concerned Citizen
Valerie Kamen
Lisa Doblar
Ian Haugen
Gary Cepeda
David E. Stockdale
Roland Blais
Josue Corona
Douglas W. Hardy
Josh Gottlieb
Troy Spang, Cook
Tracie Jones
John Harwood, Professor, University of Toronto
Joshua Eichen
Brett Santema
Gregory S. Moss, Associate Professor/Writer
Michael Donnelly
Ojus B. Khanolkar, Student BS/MD UIC
Dylan Perito
Thomas W. Zombek
Sam Schaefer, Tour Guide with Old Town Trolley Tours of Nashville
Ben Baker
Paolo Gregoletto
Sarah Kate Feferman, Student
Joshua Wiegmann, IT Admin
Talha Muhammad, UC Davis Student
Nikolas Reda, Voter
Andrew Steele
A. Stotter
Brian Smee
Cutter, Accountant
Zoe Sayler, Journalist
Lily Brown
Zak Greene
Terence Stilin-Rooney
Mackenzie Kimmel
Matthew Schultz, Freight Forwarder/American
Matthew Stoia, Student
Randy Goffe
Charles Boyd
Josh Palmer
Mason Porter
Giovanni Saldarriaga, Artist
Sam Lively
Jess Carosello
Carson Davenport
Ryan Tang
Dan Strom
Tyler Mitchell
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Dr. Daniel Colacurcio
Frida Palaciosms
Jon Choppelas
Dustin K. Barbee
Artiom Shostak
Olivia Delaney
Amber Dubois
Brady Hilgenberg
Nathan Russell
Alexandra Tipps, Student
Adriel Jimenez
Erika Suni
Harrison Hensley, Business Analyst
Alexander J. Clayborne, Organizer, UNITE HERE Local 7
Chris Hartley
Adam Ezell
Mika Norishita
Jonathan T. Peschke
Nicholas Wineman
David Wong
James Payne, Journalist, Ohioan
Kyle Palmer
Samuel Simms, Labor Party
Jack Mix, Student
Jonathan Brennan, Scientist
Eric Black
Alexander Gristina
Billy Herrera
Sam Mulderrig
Samuel Burton
Jared Mayle
Rachel Maureen Rogers
Stephen Gold Jr.
Nick Schmitt
William Vukovich
Drew List
Jesse Gwilliam
Keith Reuscher, Covelli enterprises
Dominic J. DiLeoEsq.
Liz Ryerson
Chris Horymski
Jefferson White
Heather McLaren
Nicholas Wilsonr
Rachel Medina
Nathan Walters
Chase Bingham
Daniel M Lindquist
Lauren Bala
Trent Fulton
Anthony Kim, Attorney
Alexander Schuetz
Frank Ward
Kacey Campbell
Nathan Schulz, Software Engineer
Joe Fee
Dillon Haze Bennett
Kelly Gray
Michael Feldmann, Field Service Technician
Patrick Breen
Elliott Church
Joseph Bondi
Alexander J. Pardi
Elliott Church
Christopher Branam, PR Specialist
Melissa Buchanan
Joe Korsmo
Dustin Gardenhire
Cassidy Kearnss
Melanie Maceachern, Healthcare Freelance Writer, The Hertel Report
James Ferguson
Patricia Olson
Mason Maxwell
Colin Street
Ben Salk
Joshua Albers
Benjamin C.O. Martinez, Undergraduate student, Wesleyan University
Nicole Saucerman
Mario Clopton-Zymler, Ed.D Candidate, Teacher
Morgan Johnson
Dan Fee
Olivia R Henry
Alex Gaspar
Michael Mistretta
Malcolm Drenttel
Caleb Nolen
Mariana Montbriand, Voter
Rachel Davis
Andrew Sinclair
Josef Mendelsohn
Bryan Koen
David Hooper
Nathaniel, Edward M. Kennedy Institute for US Senate
Colton Berry, AZ Resident
Luke Maupin
Nick Boyer
Val Massie
Christopher Lioi
Jennifer Egelfeld
Jonathan Foor, Fraud Specialist
Henderson Cole
Josh Lawson
OK Fox, Art and Labor
Dave Severy
Morgan Mullen
Elliot Frahs
Rusteen Honardoost
Dallas O’Dell, MSc
Samuel Jaffe Goldstein
Emily Dsida
Victor Marasa
Gregory G. Scott, Medical Device Design Engineer
Kendall Mayhew, Organizer, Ground Game LA
Patrick Cudahy
Charles Stewart, Teacher, NYC DOE
Sheldon Krause
Steve Snipes
Kyle Gregory, United Union Professionals
Otis Lambert
Zach Coan
Matthew Horowitz
Sean Montalbano
Siddhartha Nanda
Emily Miller
Camille Lorie, Student
Tyler Goewey
Barbara Chelchowski
Steven Herrin, PhD
Nathan Moses
Max Sturm
Stephen Chapman
Owen Robinette
Grant Crater
Justin Rowand
Ananth Ram
Thomas Coogan
Ian Grace
Tom Koulos
Robert Beaton
Alex Happ
James Whiting
Kyle McLamb
Todd Wagner
Elijah Fiorini
Elizabeth Logan, Student
Kelsey Hutchinson
Austin Pearce
Kristopher W. Perez
Brandon Davis
Karissa Cook
Kurt Ramos
Michael Podskalny
Maria Perez
Elana Burk
Louis Pagoulatos, Registered Democrat
Amelia Harrison
Robert Rizzuto
Kyle Jones
Jason Young, Software Engineer
Andrew Berger, Worker
Kevin Ruda
Maarya Abbasi
Alexis Stefanicki
Kiron Roy
Elyse Remenapp, Program Associate
Oscar Yuengel
Boaz Kaufman
Zach Bartlett
Joel Welden-Smith
Andrew Lobell
Dana Mcdonald, Medical Biller
Jose Toledo
Benjamen Babcock
Dawson Hochfeld
Harrison Watkins
Damian Taylor, Small Business Owner
Evan Jewett
Chi Le, Independent
Blaine McLaughlin
Sean Canfield
Charlotte Forrester
Michael Tunney
Julia Garcia, Social Worker
Brendan Farmer
Erik Shinn
Arturo F. Gomez, Law Student
Robert Kieswetter
Martin Gonzalez
James Nolan, PhD Student
Christian Santillanes, Field Specialist
Lewis Ojeda
Spencer Arshinoff
Paula Iasella
Beth Falkenstein
Joseph Thompson
Dylan J. Warner
Joe Fuentes
Terrace Cunningham
Ajit Jothikumar, Artist
Jennifer Lee, IATSE Local 705 Costumer
Betsy Kennedy
Vincent Jace
Joan Hager
Caitlin Raftery
Alexander Heinz
Hareesh Menon
Griffin Breen
Evan Susser
Matthew Cohen
Michael Fazio, Student
Will Feliciano, Professional
Claire Evans
Eric Dietz
Billy Bryan
Allison Howard
Owen Husband-Meyer
Elias Elias
Brenden Boyatt
Thomas Rishel, Musician
Ryan Black, Voter/Concerned Citizen
John Baumann
Dillon Ruiz-Hamilton
Cameron Rich, High School Student
Jack Jennings
Tim Prince
Meaghan Whalen
Michael Chizmar
Shane Pfender
Timothy P Lampasona
Andrew Arnold
Michael Eaton, Student
Michael B
Jhennifer Quinto
Daniel R. Haden
Bryan Faubus
Aaron Montgomery
Jess Levandoski, Chicago Film Office
Philip Torphy
Nate Hutchinson
Izaak Meckler
James Doane
Connor Whiteside
Joe Zyer
Rory Sanders
Martin Godfrey, Manager
Ilya Kanter, Clinical Data Analyst
Connor Bohn
Jesus-Aristeo Lopez
James Coates
Corey Vent
Jess Timmons
Caroline Kennedy
Samuel Marziale
Nancy Sinnott, Retired
John Dunning
Ben Jones, Technical Support Professional
Patrick Sinnott, Arborist
Alex Seelig, Delivery Manager, VHA Diffusion of Excellence
Eliseo Enrique Iglesias
Jason McGaughey Wakeman
Robert Berens
Zachary Vaughn
Arden Thompson
Emily Adler
Ross L.T
ravis Simons
Evan Murphy
Alex Magni
Katelyn Downer
Mikhail Koha
Isaac Matson, Civil Servant
Kyle Hayes
Taylor Williams, Direct Support Professional
Evan Perschetz
Jacob Paul
Andrew Harrington
Jon Quanbeck
Matthew Fleisher
Edward J. Hirsch
Daniel Willis
Adam Goebler
Dr. Riley McAllister
Michael Cummings
Violet Lucca
Victoria Flores
Brandon Van Slyke
Davis Hochstatter
Kaleb Kolakoff
Jacob Maas, Student
Michelle Williams, Social Worker
Carter Long
Millicent Harmon
Ben Samalin
Alexis Torres, HR Assistant
Jacob Maas, Student
Michelle Williams, Social Worker
Carter Long
Millicent Harmon
Ben Samalin
Alexis Torres, HR Assistant
Rebecca Shumaker
Kyle Howey, Community Writing Assistant
Aaron Doyle
Zach Haldeman
Justin D. Bowsher, Music Producer/Independent
Zachary Serrins
Dana Baker
Joseph Catalano
Matt Follmer
Sean Malone
Brian Bower
Mike Caccioppoli
Nicholas Wood
Christian Evrard
Daniel Hafner
Alexander R. Thomas
Grayson Martin
Samuel Feinstein
Travis Edward Fredericks
Jacob Nesteruck
Sara McHenry
Paul Snyder
Nate Milauskas
Hitesh Rana
Haleigh Krantz
Austin Asher, Voter
Tom Church, Esq.
Ben Macken
Kalin Tenedini
Peter Coleman
Chris Kramer
Mike Crowley
Yotam Ben Tovim
Mercedes Foster
Andrew Sullivan, Voter
Vivian Erwin
Christopher Farley, Assist. Prof. of Chemistry, CUNY
Pascale Boonstra, Student at the University of Chicago
Matthew Powell
Ryan Simpson
Christine Giang
Tristan Odle
Gunnar Hilborn
Timothy Hayward
Chayce Rodriguez
Ryan Hammond
Cody Steffen, Unemployed
Christopher Martinez
Andrew Barnes
Erik Botts Simons
Julianna Ham, Residence Life, School of Visual Arts
Daniel McCann
Sam Seivers
Andreas Verras
Brandon Barrera
Matthew Capozzoli
Erin Thomas
Alex Volpert
Alice Welsh
Sepand Salem, Student
Kyle MacNair
Chad Glosier
Todd Hunt
Schuyler A. Sousa, GM
Erik Umenhofer
Austin Calvo
David Spain
Daniel Pertegaz
Liam Fitzpatrick
Blair Tuckman
John Terbot, University of Kentucky, Biology Department
Caleb Whitaker, Rosa Loeb
Vickie Lee Lucero
Kevin Krauter
Wallace A. Sparks
Nick Napa
Main Khan
Jarod L. Kilgore
Derek M., Self-Employed
Brian Barker
James Morlath
Kim Schwanke,Concerned Citizen & Voter
Juliana Klein
Jonah Broh
Ryan Ray, Democrat
Gautham Thomas
Ellen Rogers
Jacob Roloff
Garrad Kiss, Engineer
Nichole Overstake
Kurt Parks
Phillip Emral
Jeremy Meerkreebs
Ruby Meza
Tucker McCulloch
Elliott Mahler
Joshua A. Bosse
Peter Megenhardt
James Mellen, Student
Sudesh Prasad
David Norwood
Brian Kremen
Elizabeth Sharma
Randall Hall, Registered Democrat
Jodi Tharan, MSW Candidate
Brendan Bercik
Cecilia Ahlborn
Paul James
Malory Butler
Patricia Pipkin, Retired
Steve Mendoza, Social Worker
Justen S. Waterhouse, Administrative Assistant, City of Tempe
N Wood
Jeffrey Chon
Sebastian Gutierrez, 1st Year Undergraduate
Zach Juveli
Benjamin Pascoe
Greg Rainville
Dylan Davis
Mathew Martini, Student
Kristine Jordan
John Francis Coughenour, Musician
Alexander Leff
Braydon Lee Hall, Software Development Engineer
Jorge Luis Luna
Deja Branch, USDA
Michelle A. Boley, Producer /Former Air Force Medic
Kai Newkirk, President, For All
Garner Hara
Mary Parkis
Kelsie O’Driscoll-Ortiz
Jared Barrientos
Zach Hotz, Social Worker
Charles DeHaven
Joshua Havens
Noah A. Langer
Ian Armstrong, Dishwasher
Wendy Lastine, Citizen
Sammi Russo
Margaret Flanagan
Becky Groves
Jeremy Montano
Keith Y
Jossel Solis, Student
Daniel Cooper
David Miracchi, Student
Elizabeth Fisher
Wyatt Weymouth
Maxwell Plata
Joey Porter
Laurie Reynolds
Jordan Shilkoff
Clay Knight
Alexander Winter
David Zimmerman, UCSD Health Staff Research Associate
Daniel Casselle
Lizzy Laliberte
Alex Harris, Professor
Craig Nicholas Walther
Julian C. Williams
Eric Jaffa
Sylvan Hancock
Kai J. Commerse
Paul Montesanti
Sarah Hazzard
Sean Cicchiello
Jayne Martin
Tara Maginnis
Matt Goulding, Video Editor
Jordan Smith
Casey, USPS
Avery Dorko
Idun Nilsson, PhB Student
Allison Akmajian
Timothy Gabriele
James Harr
Joshua McCoy
Robert A. Mastrantoni
Nate Smith
Alex Miller
Jayson Lantz
Jimmy Morey
Devan Carr
Mary Cave
Jackson Moyer, Full-time Student
Connie Tzeng, Grants Administrator, AllianceChicago
Rosalyn Leban
Andre Palencia
Louise E. Bracken
Sabrina Kell
Tyler Bauer
Jan Wolfe III
Dan Kapr
Bobby Miller
Adam Levy
Cecelia Jones, Student
Giulia Giuliano
Esther Krivda, U.S. Citizen and New Yorkvoter, Who Wants To Stay Healthy
Aidan Russell-McCorkle, Student
Carrie Tavris
Evan Boulware
Veronica M. Paez, Graduate Reseach Assistant, Georgia Tech
Jose Meneses
Catherine Beason, At Risk Voter
Evan Loewe, Student
Katie Bohri
Max Gudmunson
Ben Bahl, Librarian
Ken O’Regan
Benjamin Gluck
Matt Donegan, Editor
Micah Slavkin
Tom Coom
Cera McDonald
Allison McIntyre
Penny Orrel
Marvin Orrel
Brendan McDermott
Melanie Arnson
Irene Hartmann, Teaching Assistant at Cornell University
Tommy Chiorano
Dan Vigliano
Matthew Hunsaker
Adam Coulon
Larkin Domench
Hayden D. Ripple
Amelia Fehrenkamp, Bartender
Nicholas Greer, Home Disability Care Worker
Ian Gort, Historic Preservation Specialist
Ben Wasserman, Comedian
Christian Klughardt
Myra Falstad
Andre Grewe
Robert Granniss, Recording Studio Owner
Ramon Suarez
Kyle, Retail Sales
Nicole M. DiCienzo
Cate Golding
Gregory Wilson
Noah Wambolt
Pat Noday
Tom Harkness
Gabriel Clément, Student
Chanel Bell
Willis Plummer
Pierce McCaffrey
Michael Hanley
Owen O’Leary
Meredith Foulke
Calder Buisch
Ryan Taylor
James Campbell, Humanitarian Aid Policy Advocate
Lauren Lavin
Ursula Romero, Librarian
Erika Wiley
Sarah Crowe
Casey Westerman, College Archivist
Joshua Bjork
Jonathan Elbaz
Eric Tavela
Seth Miller
William Pearce
Renee Padell
William Goldstone, Juris Doctor candidate
Elizabeth Geiser
Samuel Strong, Programmer and Writer
Brian Ortiz
Noah East
Kristi Steffen, Administrative Assistant
Paul Baisley
Linda Elbaz, Retired Teacher of the Blind and Visually Impaired
Rhonda Z
Jesse Gilner
Caitlin Petros, Student
Nicholas Grimaldi
Keith Gonzalez, Campaign Volunteer
Brian Campbell
Logan Hill
Shayne Schultz
Cassandra Martinez
Sawyer Johnson
Danielle Lawson
Molly Burnett
Ed Way
Steven Switz
Cooper DeMarse, Esq.
Jasmin Kelsey-De France
Gah-Kai Leung, University of Warwick, UK
Sarah J. Stanton, Attorney
Margaret Toohy
Zach Sugg
Weston Fleming
Jennilynn DeHaan
Joshua Rae
Crystal Kriescher
Peter Kistler, Senior at Virginia Tech
Jona Bechtolt
Logan Smith, Student
Clayton Schiff
Christian Cail
Nate Gentry
Shaun Matthew Sintic
Anjanette Johnson
Kelly Connolly
Spencer Davis-VanNess, Law Student, University of Minnesota
Jackson Mathews
Alexander Reyes
Morgan Green-Hopkins
Jacob, Marketing Manager
John Carter
Eoin Higgins, Senior Editor, Common Dreams
Emily Brown
Toler Wolfe
Victoria Flores
Jon Vacura
David baker, Poker Pro
Austin Harvey, Bartender/Cicerone
John Cozart
James A. Vogt, Voter
Tyler Mastalerz
Chance Jungling
Sarah Kozminski, Office Manager
Kellan Stanner
James Newlin, Lecturer, Case Western Reserve University
Alyssa Stock
Benjamin White, Market Researcher
Michael O’Shaughnessy
Rocío Sergio, Student at Fordham University LC
Samuel Farina
Jeff Stanzler, Professor
Nate Spencer
Damien Chacona
Dan Stanner
Matt Brand
Misael Franco, Drag artist
Anna Dailey, Student
Alex Cauley
Laura Lee, Concerned Democratic Citizen
David Paul Lee, Homemaker
Jack McClatchy
Forest Reid
Jason Schousboe
Crystal Whybark
Matthew Orner
Kelly Nesheim
Turner Truiett
Lena Klett
Fotini Papantoniou
Amy Wang, Design Technical Assistant
Ryan A. Shuput
Quin Currie
Patrick Janis
Kimberly Lyle
Lia Epley, Concerned Citizen
David Williams
Jeffrey Marra
Emma Tehrani
Jack Stockwell
Scott Hanel
Kevin Wiser, Election Security Consultant
Gisele Roy, Teacher
Brian Morgan Law
Emily Beltre Deleon
Chance Hoang, Student
Steven James Silva
Alexandra Friedman, MSW Candidate
Cydnei Mallory, Faculty Associate
Tyler Adams
Alex Coronado
Andres Caceres
Irina Kogan, Yale University, PhD Candidate
Martin Krafft
Elizabeth Ballinger-Dix, PhD Student in Counseling Psychology
Hayley Bubb
Barry Eisler
Lydia K. DeMonte
William J. Dean
Henry Stanley
Lauren Steiner, Activist
Elizabeth Honton
Leah Dale,Teacher
Jacqueline Machado
Wyatt Fairbanks
Natalie Sifuentes
Michelle Adams
Michael Crowe
Mary Ratcliff, Editor, San Francisco Bay View Newspaper
Alexandra Chernukh
Nash Roberts
Chloe Torri
Brooke Pennington
Dan Cancro
Marijke Keyser
Molly Rachel Oberstein-Allen
Beth Lane
Jonathan Goltz
Kein Hurstell
Sean Doyle
Kel McClanahan
Paul S. Guarino
Debora Lucci
Paul Alan Smith, CEO, New Deal Mfg. Co.
Don Menowe, Retired
Cameron Laventure
Martha Groom
Glenna Johnson
Nickolas Zacharias
Ian Bunnell
Tony Mistretta, Democratic Socialist
Taylor Wing
Mary Taylor
Kimberly Steinmetz
Gregory Steinmetz, Behavior Therapist
JoNell Smith
Margaret Finnstrom, Accountant
Irma Campos, Citizen
Tim, Medical Student, abroad (Formerly Medic)
Tyrel Malmgren, Student
Carolyn A. Hejkal
Daniel Genser
Breelyn Burns
Susannah C. Mitchell
Christine Yancy
Mitchell Gaede
Lisa Gale, Clerk
Adam Westerman
Ingrid Griffin, Self-Employed
Amelya Colby
Monica Duffy
Amy Harlib
Amy Hijjawi
Linda Hewitt
Julie Pulley
David Sholts
Bonnie Korman, Citizen/Voter
Bob Bishop, Retailer/Voter
Reylissa Miranti
Matthew Dargay
Ryan Goldfarb
Anders Zelinski
Eric Tena, Senior Associate Scientist
Carmen Quintero
Hayden Gise, Board of Directors Chair, University at Buffalo Student Association
Molly Weinstein
William Royce
Margarida Fragoso McCabe, Voter
John Zimmermann
Ashley Czajkowski, Lecturer of Art
Colin Bennett
Regan H. Bahr
Ciro Faienza, Program Development Consultant, Diversity Wealth
Nancy Smith
Maria Khoudary, Lab Manager, Duke University
Andrew Fraleigh
Carolyn Sortor, Citizen
Rowan DeAza, Youth Services Manager
Brandon Hauer
Sean Wilkinson
Nuntiyo Bhikkhu, Bhante
Lauren C
Alec Thorsen
Ali Jaffery
Dr. Claire Debucquois, Researcher
Keith R. Haun
Nana Armah
Corbin B. Austin, Direct Service Provider
Regan H Bahr
Kate Irving
Roberta Grenerth, Ohio Resident
Philip Elliott
Donald Goldhamer, C.C.D.B.R.
Lily Puckett
John Meagher
Liz H
Michael L. McGinnis, PhD, University of Alabama in Huntsville
Eddie Gonzalez
Alejandra Maria Gutierrez
Shannon Ludington
Angelina johnson
Mara Moore
Frank Schwall
Kelley Bennett
Sam Hunter
Armin Wright
Jeffrey Bradian
Kimberly Konkelf, Former Deputy Director HHS Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships
Marc Bochner
Adam Cohen
Imani Missouri
Theanne Griffith
Kamille King
Makeda Getachew
Caitlin Pacheco
Marina Kittaka
Jeff Melton
Jeff Mikkelson, Activist/Organizer with Campaign for NY Health
Amelia Gifford, Occupational Epidemiology Student
Kevin Lyman
Dan Smith
Sharon Smith
Rachel Brown, Illinois Voter
Brett Lanier
Mariah Treece
Ryan Steele
Christian Kennedy
Robert Bahn, Freelancer
Christopher Crase, Ohio Resident
Damaris Reid
Valber Hudson
Kelly Matheson
Robert Bahn, Freelancer
Ian Holbrook
Alex Sasso-Karelitsky
Adam Sondag
Emily Matheson
Alvin Ahumada
William Matheson
Josh Oppenheim
Danielle Matheson
Phillip Culver
Irene Iscla, PhD
Sheri MacAleese
Michael Vass
Nancy Mathisen
Michelle Torres, Activist/Organizer, 2016 Sanders Delegate To DNC
Kelli Smith
Daniel Smith
Gabrielle McDonald
Tere Sanders, Programmer
Jami Heiser
Rebecca Houck
Tisha Taylor
Elana Rogers
Austin Jarman
Egwatu Toussaint
Kristin Cranston
Kelly Logan
Andrew J Mumford
Audrey Gozdiskowski
Linda Bennett
Rick Carr
Janet Cannon
Seth LeJacq, PhD, Lecturing Fellow, Duke University
Angela Bois
Lorrie Dunn
Alexander Joss
Ashley Burke
Amy Harlib
Stanford McConnehey
Leigh Fullmer
Ashley Wilson
Karen Stevens
Allison Weber
Lisa Cullen
Daniel Geary, Citizen
Stephen Huang
Ryan Hodge
Gene H. Brown
David Yomtov, Esquire
Arden Thompson
Sherry Bercu, Teacher
Shauna Moore, Citizen/Voter
Anthony Entrialgo
Leslie Caluza
Stefan Drakulich
Doris Valdes
Edward Bonfanti, Customer Success Manager
Nadia Makara
Courtney Hammett, Substitute Teacher
Susanne Grady
Simon Davis
Daphna Thier
Servando Garza
Sheila Campbell
Elizabeth Pimentl
Heather Regan, Registered Respiratory Therapist
Katherine Patterson
Chris Cadieux
Kami Wilt
Elvis Amoureux
Alec Juveli
Carlos Michael Espinosa
Pauline Malcolm
Adnan Ahmed
Scott Parrish
G. L. LeBlanc
Joan McEwen, Retired, PhD Molecular Biology
Rachel Dolinger
Patty Smith
Elizabeth Helen Allen
Andres de la Fe
Destiny Sproles
Haley Gula, College Student
Bharath Tata
Emily Fitzgerald
Susan A Starr
Dante Moreno, University of Chicago
Carolyn Berg
Jean De Mott
Deborah Robinson
Nagi Nasser
Sarah DeLauriers, Student, Server
Tori Roberts
Eileen Murphy
Jennifer Nalley
Eric le Colas
Calvin Smith
Karishma Shah
Gina de Miranda, Human Resources Consultant
Bay Gaillard
Jakob Gabbard
Paul Hughes, PhD, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Danielle Siebert
Lon Herman, Democratic Socialist of America-Metro Detroit Chapter
Michelle Howard
Angela Bennett
Shannon Rizzo
Brian Vincent, Delivery Driver
Maura Garin, Retired, Kaiser Permanente
Alan Willard
Rachel Fender
Noah Wexler, PhD Student
Miles Robinson
Isabel McHugh
Matthew Musselman, Medical Student
Suzanne Oshinsky
Evan Sutton, Founder, Firekit Campaigns
Jared Smith
April Hardigree
Stefano Monti, Associate Professor of Medicine, Biostatistics, and Bioinformatics
Elliot Tower
Melissa Stowell
Rosalie, Democrat
Jan Mullen
Colin Cozad
Jake Marika
Carson Sheppard
Patricia Sonne
Tyler LaGrange
Gonzalo Zevallos
Katherine Ryder
Spencer Aurand
Courtney Chambers
Sara Djubek
Autumn Ramsey
Rachel White
Nicholas Wood
Kenneth Reid
Brogan Casper
Carol Bronder
Robin Zykin
Patrick VanKeuren
Shannon McClelland
Samantha Irias
Dave Moorman
Erin, Voter w/ compromised Immunity
Jessica Andersen, Concerned Citizen
Linda Johnson
Iliana Sonntag
Angelika B., Democrat
Ruth Rickey
Nicolas Guerra, Progressive
Scott Grenerth
Vickie Lee Lucero
Adam Chimienti
Benjamin Purtell
Marvin Knowles
Margery Hanson, Cosmetologist
Raissa Lim
James Peters
Elizabeth Tucker, Concerned Citizen
Rob Davis
Michael Winfield
Noelle Carter
Brian J. Podesta
Kamau Gachiri
Mary S. Dodd, Retired Rural Carrier
Karla Kellam
Chelsea McGuire, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine / Boston University School of Medicine
Elisa Rios
Bailee Davis
Mary Frasher
Lindsay Katai, Voter
Michael Gibson, Technical Writer
William Kilby, Social Worker
Jeffrey Matheus, Co-Chair of MDDSA Single Payer Work Group
Roy Blaylock
Amanda Marsh
Paula Tartell
Naomi Ebstein
Siobhan McCloskey
Howard Abram, Voter
Leslie Daniels
Alyssa Greenberg
William Fowler
Shanna Cline, Health Information Management Coordinator
Jeremy Weiland, Industrial Workers of the World
Nathan Tucker
Edward Butler, Producer
Amelia Gray
Sandra Weld
Clara Houser
Logan Walters
Jenifer Solis
Morgan VanYperen
Nancy Erickson
Mindy Guilford
Anthoney Obasi
Sanketh Bhaskar
Nathaniel Chapman, Game Designer
Christopher Uhl
Lee Shipman
Anne-Marie Kinney
Aidan Watson-Morris
Alexander Fletcher
Angela Zhang, Democrat
Tony Perez, Editor, Tin House
Na Kim
Kimberly McMullan, Teacher
Steve Wilson
Nancy Hightower
Talia Kaatz
Leah Hollander, Medical Student
Zachary J. Lizer
Eric Thomas Beckers
Tucker Leighty-Phillips, Arizona Voter
Ricardo Talamante
Ryan Higgins
Samuel Roots
Gerald R. Fisher
Nanette Fisher
Michael J. Tabatowski
Sarah Zimmerman
Julia Shaida
Eric Black
Rose Sponseller
Paige Testerman
Robert Kornhauser
Jacob Elkin
Simon Narode
Christian J. MacNeill
Kayvan Ghavim
Sam Wagstaff
Nathan Krisanda
Austin Lyke, UCLA, PhD Student
Max Sussman
Cameron Hunt
Patrick Raymond, Healthcare Architect (unlicensed)
Chase Kamp
Alexander Anastos
Tim Hodgin
Morgan Yeager
Chris Principe
Amy Schertz Ph.D. Candidate
Christopher Raque
Vicki S. Morang
Alex Winter
Eathen Speer
Heather von Ruden
Madeline M. Hanhardt
Mark Gilley
Roman Damaso
Jack Aaron Lively
Anthony Parisi
Tara Ariano, Writer
Anahid Mishek
Brendon O’Laskey
Noelle Huchette
Francisco Espinosa
Sam Mulderrig
Christopher Ameigh, Public Administrator
Breton Langendorfer
Thomas J. Wendel
Dana Ryan
David Paddock
Allie sanchez
Jack Sircles
Sean Norton
Scott Winsick
Casey S. Donnelly
Trevor McQuoid
Jessica Andriotis, Sales Advisor
Carl Harris
Jon Paige, Student
Tommy Swenson
Sol Robinson
Nathan Tucker
Zachary Cullimore
Elizabeth King
Rebecca Celaya
Daniel Satizabal
Natalie de la Torre
Peter Kremer
Dallas Mae Lind
Daniel Zydek, University of South Florida
Steven Savage, Diemaker
Skylour M. Steketee
Alex Peterson
Joyce Jang
Christopher Santucci
Anne Schuyler-Moon
Cameron Huftalen
Samantha Carroll
Stephanie Lucas
Max Creed
Sierra Anderson
Jordan Siff
Jordan Bumguardner
Kamden Been
Eoin Trainor
Russell Masingale, Driver
Laura Mueller
John O’Dowd
Kevin Roberts
Alex Campbell, Student
Aaron Dilley
Daniel R. Blauser
Nathan Mittelstaedt, Director of Ecommerce/Expansys
Zachary Knowles
Sebastian Barraza, Teacher
Omar Saleem
Andrew Benjamin
Joanne Nucho, Assistant Professor
Nicolas Lozano
Andrew Eichmann, Scientific Programmer
April Myers
Syndey Johnson
Carmen Staub
Christian Preziosi
Catherine Gibbons
Michael Barrington
Kipling Cohen
Anthony Puccinelli
Tessa Strong
Jamie Franklin, Instructor
Brian Droitcour
Justin Tinajero
Tim Pate, Marketing Manager
Haley Leibovitz
Mitchell Golde
Jason Vernoff, Student
Katie Swann
Riley Weber, Canvasser
Jennifer Smith
Alexis Germain
Anastasia Aizman
Patrick Isgood
Tricia Fuglestad, Teacher
Trevor Leonard, Citizen
Ena Das
Andrea Vazquez
Caroline Riffle
Nan Das
Michael Pearl, Freelance Writer
Evangelen Lee
Ryan Freeman
Kyle Beachy, Roosevelt University
Matthew Selva
Jake Sowers, Reverend
Erikk Geannikis, Professor, Ethics
Eli Baumann
Peter Harrison
Alyssa Buie
Sarah Zimmerman
Allison Huske
Jessa Boehner
Anastasia Freyermuth, Arts Administrator
Monica Campana
Jennifer Georgieff
Dmitri McDonald
Mark Runsvold
Graham Gale
Brad Cook
John Marnell
Alyssa Chapman, Consultant
Rexx Thomas
Joshua Sawyer
Angelise Pfrommer
Nick Washburn, Designer
Ronaldo L. Rodriguez
Scott Andrews Pattison
Anna McIntire
Ryan P. Shively
Ashley Herald
Paul Fish
Coriander Fay, Democratic Voter
Emily Dow
Jacob Van Dehy, Biomedical Research Engineer
Shannon Garland, UCLA Postdoctoral Fellow
Chris Mateja
Eric Deters
Dylan Carpini
Joe Chlapowski
Samuel Ostgard
Jaleh Sharify, Pharm.D.
Ian Smith-Grove
Seth Rogers, Student
Garrett Dillon
Deirdre Brennan
Claire Capelli
Ben Depta
Salim Jbara
Ellza Krasniqi, MBA
Paige Mecyssine, Health Administration Student
Jacob Karaisz
Marjorie Bland
Steve W.
Sarah Jones
Aaron Burroughs
Daniel Spaventa
Zoe Swinton
Frederick Seegers
Tom Gendron
Steph Cha
Winnie Lin, MD
Giselle Valadez Godinez
Deanna Satin, Office Coordinator at Cradles to Crayons
Colleen Connors, Senior Manager, Communications
David Winn, Student
Eli Cantrell
Kat Hitchcock
Stephany Fiona Cook, CNA
Diana Kingsbury, Field Organizer, Bernie 2020
Nick, Public Media Institute
Ciara Evangelista
Shiv Saxena, Software Sales
Ashley Kucyr
Heather, UB
Cody Wallace
Jazmin Devora, Political Organizer
Daniel Ferkovich
Ashley Thompson
Gerald Todd
Jacob Nikolas
Kaitlin Sanders,Marketing Coordinator/Premier Talent Partners
Cassidy Butler, Field Organizer
Bria Logemann
Jacqueline L. Bowers, Citizen
Marcelyn Cole
Joel Minkin
Cole Long
Brittany Cominos
Gabrielle Martin
Monica Zheng
Kiana Y. Asad
Esha Akhtar
Andrea Loguidice, Attorney
Amy Illovsky
Samuel Kaufman
Kelly Delahanty
Westley Gray,LMSW
Ava Downing
Alexander Starbuck
Mingna Zhuang, Utep
William Vukovich
Patrick Kaiser
Anna Keaney M.S., CCC-SLP
Emma Spychalski, Illinois Citizen
Daniela S.
Stephanie Fulton, Student
Michelle Stanford
Robb Godshaw
Lauren Rothman
Gabriel Bahr
Bridget C Bancroft, Public School Teacher
Megan Lundquist
Chanse Shirley
Dustin Heron
Matt Rich, Technician
Cheyenna J. Marshall
Diane Bullock
Jack MacLennan
Clothilde M Cook, Election Coordinator
Lauren Waite, Finance
Sonia Jourdain
Lia Marie
Judy Febles
Biniam Admikew
Giancarlo Saldarriaga, Artist
Michael Swanlund
Clark Noone, Pomona College
Samuel Weil
Rebecca Clark
Juan Salamanca, Miami Resident
Sam Pacos
Keyur Parikh
Emily Szpunt
Eric Harris
Emma Yohanan, Concerned Citizen
Maarya Abbasi
Alexandra Wells
Leora Mincer, Social Worker
Robert Vanderwist
Joshua Carter
Karl Schroeder, Whole Foods Co-Op
Richard Hackler
Jason Biwer
Madison Cogan
Lee Schroer, Ecologist
Deborah Cogan
Jonathan Jewik
Victor Gojcevic
Claudia, Business Owner
Andrea Garcia
Carol McDermott, Voter
Dave Sweeten
Abir Majumdar, Graduate Student/University of Minnesota
Sofia Simone
Petrona Martin, Concerned Citizen
David Nangle, Public School Teacher
Seanne Solberg
Christine Bootjer
Viktoria Rinker
Lori Goodloe
Caitlyn Brennan
Jordan Aguilar
Daniel Fisher, Doctoral Candidate, Developmental Psychology
John Bracey
Sarah Hagerman
Ted Velykis
Angela, CG artist
Dave Lambert
Kevin Kurz
Eric Soucy, Voter
Ashley McClenon, Artist/Educator
Adrein Villa
Ky Jacoby, Martial arts Teacher
Maria I. Arroyo, Landscape Designer
Will Coppedge
Adilbek Imanbaev
Elaine Smith, Cancer patient
Joanne Beer, PhD, Postdoctoral fellow, University of Pennsylvania
Mindy Smith
Amnon Barzvi
Trae Watson
Jennifer Winterbotham, Concerned Citizen
Sandra K. Jacoby
Cole Misley
Mary Tramdack
Benjamin Hawes, LAC
Cole Sebastian, Student
Tiana Noelani Thorp
R Tamara de Silva, Esq
Nick Fasso
Ernesto Rodriguez
Heather Cozzi
Donna Thompson
Alison Jensen
Pasha Palangpour
Alex Napoles
Lisa McCormick, NJ Democrats for Change
Matthew David Johnson
Kevan Lago
Jordan Micus
Aalok Gandhi
Matthew Burtell
Brian Cagle
Jeff Schuhrke
Samuel Tomita-Dodo
Savannah Kuang
Jamila Flomo
Caylin Capra-Thomas, Teacher
Mary Harding
Nicholas Haas
Brittney Hurtado
Darnell Treadwell
Jason Zevin, PhD, University of Southern California
Stephanie Gomez
Susan Biebel
Jessica Wright
Jeremy E. Large
Kathy Gustafson
Marissa Bedard
Lauren Reinhardt
Paul Keough
Andrew Kettering
Nikhil Desai
Annette, Banker
Justin Dillard, M.S.
Sarah Metz, Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Berkeley
Megan Gilroy, M.A. (Bioethics), Former EMT
Joanna Clute
Seamus Berkeley, Artist
Anthony Vicario
Carolyn Mooney
Jeanne Sinclair, PhD
Samantha Genz
Lizzie Guest
Elizabeth Crouch
Logan Larsen
Robert T. Nelson
Nathan Queener
Melissa Drexler
Elizabeth Machetta, Esthetician
Susan Jacobson
Brandon C Adams, Alderman of Jacksonville, IL
Betsy, Mom
Uto Iha
Grace Fechner
Richard LaCelle
Rafael Ibay, Teacher
Sayira Silverio
Julian Davis, Firefighter EMT
Jessica Jennings
Danielle Iacovelli
Doug Johnson
Acasia Bond
Myra Falstad, Concerned Citizen
Kyle T. Lucas
Brett Chase
Michael Khotoveli
Jacqueline McGovern
Jason Hackett
Ray Passage
Anastacia Greene, Clinical Fellow
Carolyn Weaver
Paul Zimmerman
Nolan Arnold
Nicole Lovell
Lawrence Kotovnikov
Selina Woggermon, Concerned Citizen
Taryn Janati, Student
Eric Dilley, Marine Biology, Graduate Student
Daniel Strauss
Brandon Trumfio
David Spain
Max Clairo
Samir Levitt, Student
Phoenix Vie
Anita Foreman
Michelle Applebaum
Lydia Taylor-Kenny
Andrea Lynn Bastek
Matthew Nyeholt
Fred Pyen
Marquise Neal, Democrat
Steven Wesolowski
Thomas Walsh, Democrat
Belinda George
Johnny Whitright
Christine Miller
Alissa, Undergrad Student / Widow, Mom
Askari Ali, Citizen
Meagan Day
Sandra Price, MAS Quality Engineer
Chrysta Wilson, UNM Graduate Student
Antonia Bobby, Business Owner
Antoinette Kelso
Michael Thompson
Edmund C. Atkinson, Retired
Maja Schjervheim
Karla Esquivel, Citizen
Amanda Howe
Genevieve Ameduri
Lili Hsu
Josh, Software Engineer
Sharon Lindeman
Zack Anderson
Ruth Whitehouse
Lisa Eugene, Analyst
Payton Irby
Manzer Hasan, Student
Tanna Hitchcock
Suzie Carman
James Hooks
Nat Tereshchenko
Dwayne Howard
P. Gabriella Dines
Joseph Ondrechen, Democratic Voter
Marina Callozzo, MSW
Lisa Romano
Sabrina Ahmed
Natalie Tran, Physical Therapy Aide
Adam Boyd, Lawyer
Sawyer Powell, Biology Researcher, Purdue University
Jeffrey Roy
Blake Sturges
Avery Moric
Diego Garcia
Carter Dionne
Kelly, Festival Food Vendor
Jeff Wheeler
June Heimendinger
Anthony Duckett, Student
Zackery Russell
Andrew Garrett
Alexander Ogle
Joanna Arizaga, Sales Representative
William Gerrard
Selene Martinez, Makeup Artist
Charles Barrett, Student
Josue Arellano, Voter
Janay Joseph, Student, Nova Southeastern University
Ygdamary Figueroa
Haiden Martinez
Jonathan Potter
Sarah Roisland, Service Worker
Christopher Weng, Mechanical Engineer
Jean Genevie
Caitlin Conover
Luca Young
William Lyon
Veronica Echeverri
Antonio Munzone, Student
Karry Muzzey, Clinical Specialist
Elly Kenna
Edmond Williams
Judit Wells
Jessica Hillman, EMT
Brian-Paco Bertrand, Educator and Driver
Shelly Cantalini, Democrat
Ewa Wrzesniewska
McKenna Barr
Anita Flores
Karla N. del Valle
Matthew Claude, Teacher
Laura C Valderrama
Laura C. Valderrama
Charlie Ryan, Director
Ron Jetty
Laura Gluckman, Chicago Public Schools
Lewis Weavil, Wake County, NC precinct 01–16, Chairman for the Democratic Party
Melina Hammer
Tim O’Brien, Professor
James Misenko
Ariel Petchel
Moses Gonzalez
Arielle Ramos
Andrew Eneim, PhD Student-Johns Hopkins Medicine
Cory Archibald, Board Chair for Brand New Congress
Kailon Mary
Jeanne Murl
Maria DiPasquale
Daniel Arizpe
Paris S
Richard Dietz
Deb Escobar, Retired Teacher
Kevin Brown, Law Student
Elisabeth Sobel
MacAllan Guy
Doug Alford
Jonathin Kennedy
Annia Ciezadlo, Independent Journalist Who Cares About Democracy
Moses Gonzalez
Tristan Marquise
Taylor Platon, Mental Health Counselor
Ian Trupin
Elissa Moran
Brittany L. Caron
Betty Olson-Jones, CTA Retired
Andrew Squitiro
Anna Markow, Student
Melanee Moore
Logan Arsenault, Predictive Data Analyst
Cole Sansom
Sara Green
Greta C Guyette
Duane Juang
Kevin Paulus
Matt Squires
Rachel Berardinelli
Gregory Geboski
Jessica Chen
Allen Mariner

Journalist. Writes about politics. Managing editor of Twitter: @kgosztola

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