Singling Out Trump In The Headline

The bulk of my discussion on the topic comes from the contents of the superseding indictment, Chelsea Manning’s statement, and statements that were made by Manning’s defense attorneys during trial in 2013. I wrote the piece to hopefully expose the tremendous weaknesses in the government’s theory of conspiracy.

I don’t believe it would make any sense to make the headline, “Obama’s Justice Department…” nor would I like to go back and make it simply, “Justice Department,” as if it does not matter who is in the White House.

The fact is the Obama administration did not charge Julian Assange. They recognized there was something called a “New York Times problem” that inhibited their ability to go after him aggressively. So, one has to accept that as a difference in addition to what I outlined about how his administration cracked down on whistleblowers and jeopardized press freedom.

By the way, I wrote a series in 2016–2017 about Obama’s legacy. It covered the human cost of wars during his presidency, the institutionalization of the assassination complex, leaving the regime of indefinite military detention intact, decriminalizing torture by not pursuing accountability, and enforcing secrecy by clamping down on the free flow of information.

My focus is what the Trump administration does now, as well as how Democrats are complicit in allowing or enabling systematic abuses of power.

The Assange case is a key part of my focus because only a handful of Democratic senators — three running for president — even bothered to say a thing when Assange was indicted under the Espionage Act.

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