What are you referring to when you say US has a long tradition of providing humanitarian aid to enemies?

What do you mean when you suggest Maduro rigged the election?

What’s your source for the claim Maduro prevented monitors from witnessing the election?

Guaido was elected to the National Assembly. However, he was not elected under any democratic process to be the president, even an interim president.

Why do you think Venezuelans are fleeing? Could it have anything to do with hyperinflation that is fueled by the policies of economic warfare imposed on the people? Might it have something to do with the sanctions that in many ways block access to medicine?

I don’t believe the Venezuelan people — that is, the majority — are revolting. There is an active minority backed by the United States and several other countries in Latin America committed to regime change, which are working to stir rebellion. But this opposition has not won over people otherwise Maduro might be resigning under popular pressure.

Journalist. Writes about politics. Managing editor of Shadowproof.com. Twitter: @kgosztola

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