What are you specifically referring to when you suggest Nicolas Maduro behaves like a fascist? I’d like to know so I could better engage you.

This is the evidence that the Trump administration has contemplated military intervention in Venezuela: Trump pressed aides on Venezuela invasion

In January, it was reported that Trump was leaving a “military option” on the table.

The National Assembly has been held in contempt by the Supreme Court in Venezuela because multiple times they attempted to seat lawmakers from the opposition that were under investigation for election fraud.

Juan Guaido may be from a party that belongs to the Socialist International, but as the figure groomed to lead Venezuela by the United States, he supports neoliberal shock treatment for Venezuelans — privatizing the oil sector, privatizing assets held by the government, ending state subsidies, and “reviving” the private sector. He seems to be a believer in the ideology of Milton Friedman, who was a market evangelist.

Journalist. Writes about politics. Managing editor of Shadowproof.com. Twitter: @kgosztola

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